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Tyrnhaw 2016

Event for enthusiasts of European martial arts Tyrnhaw 2015, will take place 16. - 18. 10. in Trnava. The character of the event remains the same, but this year will be also held longsword tournament, in accordance to FEBUS rules. The attendance fee is 85,- EUR. You can register on registration page. The official language of the event will not be English, but we will provide translation to and from English when needed.

Tyrnhaw is event for enthusiasts of European martial arts mainly from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Its theme is reconstruction of historical fencing, mainly (but not exclusively) Kunst des Fechtens by master Johannes Lichtenawer. The name Tyrnhaw is compound of original german name of Trnava - Tyrnau, and basic word of german fencing tradition - hau/haw for 'cut'. We want to create a platform for sharing information, experiences and new findings of studying historical martial arts. And therefore grow basis for local research, from which can benefit all forms of modern fencing.


Tyrnhaw was always mostly about the longswords. You can attend various longword workshops if you are begginer or even an instructor.


We are introducing also rapier section this year. For the first time we are having 5 rapier workshops with various top-notch rapierists.


The second Slovak longsword tournament in Czechoslovak HEMA league. According to FEBUS rules.


Internation and local instructors. Best in their respective domains.


Definitve schedule is available here

Matt Galas

Historical process for certifying masters in the 1400s - 1600s across Europe

Anton Kohutovič

Slovak HEMA federation & longsword rules

Jan Šimek

Didactics in teaching longsword fencing

Karel Černín

Work from the bind with longsword

Krisztina Nagy

Refereeing seminar

Martin Fabian

Fiore Furlano de’i Liberi de Cividale d’Austria – longsword

Matt Galas

Striking at the Four Openings

Joachim Meyer’s Fechtbuch of 1570 contains four complex patterns for attacking the Four Openings. Starting from the Zufechten, the fencer begins by making a number of feints; then he enters distance with a series of 4 attacks, stepping from side to side. Once these attacks have been delivered, he retreats from his opponent (Abzug) under cover. We will practice each of these four cutting patterns as described by Meyer: First, with the long edge, then with the flat, then the short edge, and finally with feints. If sufficient time remains, we will explore some of the other cutting patterns included in this important chapter of Joachim Meyer’s Fechtbuch.

Martin Tibenský

Longsword basics for beginners

Anton Kohutovič

Advanced longsword

Jan Šimek

How to teach moving between Krieg and Ringen

Zdeněk Utišil

Einlaufen in langesschwert

Cor Kronenburg


Martin Janičina

Tempo in rapier

Francesco Lodà

Two hours to…a Roman Rapier Duel!

Or what we can teach on the foundations of the Roman School, according to the Marcelli’s family and stud. In our national or international meeting, we face a recurrent problem: the balance between the need to provide a clear picture of a system in quick glance, the presence of skilled and unskilled students at the same time, and the general mission not to betray the historical approach. So, “what” can we actually teach? In this workshop, we’ll try to offer an answer to that.

Dealing with the short time, we’ll introduce the very foundations of the Roman Rapier School, where “foundations” doesn’t simply mean “the basic” but part of “the core” of the system. Considering the individual technical growth, rapierists of every level of experience will benefit from those plays, either learning new technics, either refining all small particulars…which make the difference. Regarding the historical accuracy, we’ll follow the teachings of the Marcelli’s disciple Monsù De Greszy, author of a long and interesting manuscript of Roman School (to be published soon): he insists very much on some plays he considers fundamental…to someone who has a duel to fight very soon! Finally, aiming at people securing their learning, the workshop will end with a final, practical test of what fencers studied: a Duel!

Requirements: 1600 N. mask, fencing jacket, breast/groin protection, fencing gloves or similar, rapier. Fencing breeches, chest protector (plastron or similar) and throat protection are recommended for the final part, “the Duel”. The class is open to fencers of every level of experience.

Martin Fabian

Joachim Meyer – rapier

Francesco Lodà

The Striscia Romana, or going through the plays of Roman School of Rapier

The workshop aims to show how to continue to study rapier in the Roman School: so the class will presents the main actions of second intention, and how to develop the tactical approach with the use of Contratempo’s actions.

The class is reserved to people who followed the first workshop.

Requirements: 1600 N. mask, fencing jacket, breast/groin protection, chest protector (plastron or similar), fencing gloves or similar, rapier. Fencing breeches and throat protection recommended.

Zdeněk Utišil

Codex Wallerstein in langesmesser

Cor Kronenburg


Samuel Uhnavý

Basics of wrestling

Andrej Bobrík

Defence against the dagger according to fencing masters

Gregor Medvešek

Ringen according to Lignitzer


Event take place in gyms of elementary school

Základná Škola Gorkého


ZŠ Gorkého
Trnava 91702


We are introducing a longsword tournament this year for the first time on Tyrnhaw. We will be competing according Slovak HEMA federation ruleset.
The capacity of the tournament is limited and after we reach enough participants we won't accept new competitors.
All competitors must comply all protective gear rules. In case of insufficient gear the participant will be disqualified.

Rules in pdf


We have only 10 free places left!

85 EUR

  • Lectures & workshops
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  • Meals and drinks
  • Social evening