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Tyrnhaw Tournament 2016

This year we switched regular 3-day Tyrnhaw for Tyrnhaw Tournament 2016, one-day tournament with longswod and rapier categories, in accordance to FEBUS rules. It will take place 22. 10. in Trnava. The attendance fee is 15,- EUR. You can register on registration page. The official language of the event will not be English, but we will provide translation to and from English when needed.

The capacity of the tournament is limited and after we reach enough participants we won't accept new competitors.
All competitors must comply all protective gear rules. In case of insufficient gear the participant will be disqualified.

Longsword rules in pdf Rapier rules in pdf


Tyrnhaw was always mostly about the longswords.


We are introducing also rapier section this year.


Trained Slovak and Czech referees.

  • Anton Kohutovič

    TŠC, SK

  • Martin Tibenský

    TŠC, SK

  • Martin Fabian

    BŠS, SK

  • Ema Škodová

    BŠS, SK

  • Ján Bušovský




Event take place in Trnava sport hall

Mestská šporotvá hala Trnava


Mestská šporotvá hala Trnava
Rybníková 15
Trnava 91701


We have only 5 free places left for Longsword! And 6 for rapier.

15 EUR

  • Tournament
  • Snack and drinks